Turn your PC into many through iCore Virtual Accounts.

The core of the product is iCore’s own OS-level Virtualization, build on Microsoft Windows XP. iCore Virtual Accounts allows to create multiple isolated, secure Virtual Accounts(virtual machines) on a single physical Computer. Each Virtual Account has full dedicated PC functionality with its own processes, files, and applications. Unlike other Virtual Machines, iCore enables running VA with near-zero overhead.

OS virtualization(Container-based virtualization)

For every application and/or user, Virtual Account is an autonomous OS. It is made possible by using a virtualization layer in the kernel of the host OS. This type of virtualization is also famous as container-based virtualization.
Such virtualization doesn't require a hypervisor. Having no hypervisor eliminates the need for driver emulation. Getting rid of driver emulation means faster performance.
Compared with the usual type of virtualization, in iCore system:

only a negligible part of the CPU resources is spent on virtualization (around 1-2%)

you can use all power of your hardware

operating memory is shared dynamically

the sheer amount of storage space required to host a given number of VM can be significantly smaller. Each freshly-built iCore virtual machine can take only about 20 megabytes.

once the host has been patched, those updates are immediately seen within each virtual machines.

Other main features of the virtualization layer implemented in iCore are the following:

virtual machine looks and behaves like a regular Windows XP Operating system,

virtual machines are separated from each other and host OS,

users can install any additional applications.

Disk management

Each Virtual Account is created as a current copy of Host OS. But in the beginning Virtual Account files are only references to the real files. So for creating Virtual Account you need less than 20 Mb of free space. When you change Virtual Account file, this changed file is recorded entirely in the Virtual Account.

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